#consulting, We help you focusing on customers

BlackBirds identifies the critical issues of the company, designs a current state of the company's business, explores and models functions, plans and guidelines, suggests future businesses on which to base business strategies and explore new ones.


Strategic consulting

Working closely with the customer, we offer consultancy thanks to the experience accumulated in the IT sector. Training and know-how transfer are just some of the advices offered.

Software/hardware architecture

We guide companies towards the ideal solutions they wish to develop. Objective: increasing your business.

Best practices analysis

Definition of the minimum requirements to face a project to ensure coherence with the market. We use benchmarking techniques to capture the behavior of our customers and users.

Future IT Development

We drive companies during the development process, to increase their level of flexibility and creativity needed to face the future.


The powerful CRM solution for business consulting

Thanks to CAS's powerful project management and centralized customer information, it is possible to fully satisfy the requirements of business consulting companies.

  • Reliable: it is the use made of customer data. Thanks to individual access rights, everyone sees only what they can see.

  • Competent: a central knowledge database provides information with a simple click. And it makes information more valuable than ever.
  • Mobile: Consultants have access to data from all over the world. To get information quickly and reliably.
  • Satisfied: they are also the employees. Because they are informed and get information quickly.
  • Powerful: through functions specifically dedicated to project management. Thus, nobody loses orientation.