Blackbirds selects ICT professional profiles of candidates interested in working with major players operating in domestic and international markets. Blackbirds is the ideal partner for recruitment activities and thanks to its experience and knowledge in the ICT world, is the meeting point between demands and supply of ICT professionals.

There are many companies that rely on recruitment processes that Blackbirds manages, for years, in an optimal manner using modern forms of selection of different profiles. (for example, through the recruitment done on modern social networks). The use of our CRM software CAS genesisWorld with its integration towards the social portals, (Facebook, Linkedin, Viadeo, Xing, etc.) and the ability to monitor the development of our selection as a portal, in the «work» for managing self-service by professionals of their candidates to open job positions directly by our customers, are levers for quick selection of the winning candidates. It even allows to relation with professionals of various nationalities, developing communication skills and respect for diversity.

Our professionals work in various industries providing a strong exchange of ideas and valuable to the growth of all of us.