The service of "software development" allows you to have new functionalities or to or modify them, and also helps to improve the standard applications or develop them on an ad hoc needs of customers, while in the service of "maintenance and support applications" there are processes, methodologies, skills designed to provide the customer with proper installation, configuration, maintenance, improvement and support of standard applications or developed ad hoc.

The software products and technologies that fall under this service line include: operating systems, application standards, various systems, network management software, tools, utilities, etc.. and always a clear service level agreement will govern all activities outsourced. The support of Blackbirds may also be offered with connection via Virtual Private Network (VPN), or control systems like desktop-to-Go Meeting where, remotely, from our headquarters in Italy or that in India can develop and manage the maintenance systems and development. In the context of software maintenance, the main interest of Blackbirds is to process requests for customer service, considering the impact of system changes following the rules of the IEEE 1219 "Standard for Software Maintenance."

The accurate project management methodology OS3 Strategic Collaboration (On-Site/Off-Site/Off-Shore) along with our Indian company Blackbirds Infotech Pvt Ltd (software development and maintenance) and its strategic partners (Vee-Technology India for Engineering services) offers clear advantages in reducing the "total cost" of investment and maximize the "return" thanks to a faster service delivery to the customer.