BlackBirds, thanks to the suite of software products it offers can provide strategic advice, for software/hardware/network architecture (Combination of strategic plans and knowledge of new technologies in order to create a single logical design of the future system), analysis of "best practices" for the IT sector, management company evolution towards "future state IT" and more.

BlackBirds identifies the critical business, draws a « current business» of a company, and explores modeling functions, plans and guidelines, suggests a «future state business» organization that knows how to integrate the strategy in place or identify new ones.


Some services may be designed to provide an idea of a new set of products/markets, new business processes, operational advice office sales/marketing, polices on foreign markets, corporate restructuring, identifying strategic suppliers, drawings of "Supply Chain".


BlackBirds supports your business through:

- Defining business strategy, implementation and support implementation;

- Change management;

- Performance improvement processes;

- Re-engineering of business processes;

- Assessment of strategic suppliers

- Definition of an IT strategy business, implementation and support;

- Operational design, architecture and requirements analysis;

- Maintenance planning;

- Planning and design data network.