Lead Generation


The Lead Generation consists in a process of capturing and stimulating of interest in possible new customers. It literally means lead generation. But what is a lead? It is a potential customer that has some chance of becoming a real customer. Given the current complexity of the world of marketing, Lead Generation is the right tactic to support the sales team with a steady stream of qualified opportunities to increase and monitor the interest of potential customers to the ultimate purchase decision. Surely in any company you want to avoid wasting time on unnecessary phone calls and "bombard" possible customers with generic emails that do not lead to any result: for this we offer integrated solutions of LEAD GENERATION. Through the use of these platforms and the collaboration of the Marketing and Sales area, we can help you focus on quality and the constant flow of leads rather than on the large number of the same. Once the target is defined and especially if it is the ideal client, the real work of marketers starts, where they implement the campaign agreed upon to have a high response rate with requests for information. Promotional advertising campaigns with telemarketing or through references to form specific "landing page" on your web sites, analysis of "Behaviour" of visitors to your web portals and e-commerce, email and newsletter systems with Direct Email Marketing, actions monitored on Social Networks, these are the arrows over the modern William Tell, Marketing expert. Qualified leads with various Ranks & Scoring that take account of criteria agreed and shared with colleagues in sales and marketing, to move to the right sales person the rewarding task of converting them into revenue --> A Real Client!!! The criteria used for the qualification can be multiple. You can begin to refer to various criteria, such as BANT (Budget: how much you can spend ?, Authority: Who has the authority in the company for the purchase? Need: what he needs? Time: When he is able to make the purchase?), Or with a system based on categories (A, that leads ready to buy, until the letter D, contact that does not deserve to be considered), a score determined by implicit information and explicit collected by the marketing department, analysis traced the interaction of possible client in view of your business site (when he downloaded information and such, which sailed product pages and for how long, ...) Policies of "Nurturing" Lead and targeted Content Marketing activities complement the wealth of tools needed for perfect a Marketing manager.

Why should you do Lead Generation?


  • -  It is a system that daily ensures your business the right flow of qualified leads.
  • -  Allows to involve and interest potential new customers through innovative and latest techniques
  • -  Through Nurturing and Content Marketing it "nurthures" the growth of the interest of the potential customer and it reassures the well being of his future purchase decision.
  • -  Area Marketing and Sales can toast together.
  • -  Highest rate of lead conversion enhances the desire to sell
  • -  It is fast and traceable method to increase revenues.

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