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30 years of experience at your service

G DATA has developed the world's first antivirus software and is still a pioneer in information security innovation.


G Data AntiVirus has a heritage of hybrid protection, a Startup Manager, Bank Guard technology, detection and removal of viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, auto dialers, privacy protection, phishing protection, Web Consultant , remote management and rootkit detection and removal. G Data Antivirus also receives automatic updates in real time.

  1. Virus scanning:

    Antivirus scan works with viral signatures. It is within them that new malicious codes are stored. Based on these signatures, the virus scan can determine whether the file on the computer is malicious or not.

  2. E-mail protection:

    It scans incoming e-mails and attachments to search for suspicious content. The threats are recognized even before they can become real.

  3. G-DATA BankGuard:

    Our patented technology protects your browser against data thieves - for secure online shopping and online banking.


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USB Keyboard Guard:Protect yourself from USB devices that simulate the keyboard.

Behavior Control:It also protects you from unknown malware. G DATA Antivirus already recognizes them from their abnormal behavior.

 Anti Exploit Protection: It protects your PC from criminals who use security flaws, for example in office applications or PDF readers.

Anti Ransomware:No chance for cyber attacks. We protect your data from criminal encryption.

Update Management:Decide, when and where your PC can make updates. This way you avoid additional costs, for example if you are connected to an unknown WLAN.



 GDPR Compliance

GDATA has always promoted safety as a process and an integral part of the management of corporate risks and in this case the mission of G DATA is to promote the awareness that the GDPR is a reality to be addressed immediately and to make available all the tools to be able to put into practice. G DATA Total Control Business takes IT security to the next level, firmly anchoring it to risk management. In addition to offering reliable protection against external attacks and constant control of the infrastructure essential for business productivity, the innovative suite ensures compliance with the GDPR, largely addressing the requirements set for an SME, starting from log generation. comprehensive, comprehensible and complete to have all the information necessary for reporting purposes provided by the GDPR.

For more information visit the website https://www.gdatasoftware.com/it-compliance