What is a CRM? Customer Relationship Management is a commercial strategy which has the goal to create durable and profitable relations with customers. Nowadays CRM is being introduced in every market and company sectors, and it is becoming more and more xRM – Anything Relationship Management.




La Lead Generation consiste in un processo di cattura e stimolazione di interesse in possibili nuovi clienti. Letteralmente significagenerazione di lead. Ma cos’è un lead? E’ un potenziale cliente che ha una certa possibilità di trasformarsi in un cliente reale.



Tools like the configurator are available to facilitate and speed up the production process that allow you to configure any product. The use of an instrument of this type is fundamental for the management of products where the number of combinations of the features is very high or when the choice of options must receive a validation technique obtained by a system of rules and conditions.
The commercial Configurator is designed and built for companies that offer different types of products with the ability to customize it.
The competence of the Configurator is transversal to the company, where both sales and marketing personnel as well as designers and technical product specialists are involved.
The Configurator ensures that they are no errors committed and that the product can be custom assembled. Usually, the configured product does not have an order number but is dynamically created during the configuration process. more...



The complexity of data on which to make decisions with increasingly stringent deadlines, large amount of data to be analyzed, heterogeneous data sources and spread all around the world, differnt directions of the business that require new decision: this is the time to invest in data-warehouse. more...



”Critical” applications that require hundreds of “server”, physical and virutal, that providing computer services to “client” with heterogeneous database and datacenter all over the world. These would be projects, which we like to design systems, but we are satisfied that even a single client on the network DHCP managed by Telecom router, it has to interface with the payroll program to a consulting firm.