CAS Configurator Merlin: Push your sales with spot-on quotations

The configuration of complex machines and equipment is costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. The huge amount of configuration options and the necessary knowledge transfer requires a high level of coordination between production, engineering, sales and consumers.

CAS Software AG offers a solution: CAS Configurator Merlin. CAS Configurator Merlin enables enterprises to easily manage highly complex products and sales processes. Customized products and services are offered in a fast and flexible way to reduce costs and enhance market competitiveness.

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How can you benefit from CAS Configurator Merlin?

Saving up to 90% time on sales processes

Technically and calculatively correct offers

Fast determination of the ideal product, even for individual requests

Higher-quality customer consulting and higher conversion rates due to time-savings in sales

Intuitive modelling of products, no programming skills needed

Simple data maintenance for highly complex products

Transparent knowledge due to centrally stored information


Support in all phases of the configuration and quote generation process

The CAS Configurator Merlin enables quick and error free configuration and quote generation for complex products. Integrating, checking and implementing individual requirements and customer wishes is easy.

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The product structure at a glance

Intuitive and neat user interface
Technically correct machines, equipment, products, and services due to employing pre-defined rules
Interactive product design


The product structure at a glance

M.Customer allows your clients to configure products
The customer can independently use it


Manage and identify the potential of the different configurations of your products and machines

See an overview of all different configurations
Examine the return and number of sales of the different versions of your products
Only available together with the M.Model


Fast and easy creation of documents

Any kind of document: offers, specification, contracts
Automatically created with corporate design


See the complete structure of your products and rules

Guarantee the technical feasibility of a product configuration on design time
Graphic design without programming effort
Drag & drop-based rules generation and modification


CAS genesisWorld

Integration of CRM-System CAS genesisWorld

Central data basis of customer- and productinformation
Optimizes your sales processes


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How our clients use daily the CAS Configurator Merlin platform?

Use Case

CAS Configurator Merlin and CAS genesisWorld implemented in GekaKonus Gmbh

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