Business Intelligence (BI) e Corporate Performance Management (CPM) working together, all in one!


Board is a software product that integrates in a single platform, the functionality of Business Intelligence application and Corporate Performance Management to ensure maximum efficiency in decision-making organizations.
A complete range of BI capabilities, including reporting, the data discovery from multidimensional analysis and dash board, is combined with the ability to manage and monitor all the processes of planning and control of the performance: from forecasting to strategy formulation; from planning to budgeting; from the analysis of profitability and financial consolidation.
Its toolkit approach ensures a high speed of construction, customization and maintenance of BI and CPM applications, providing end users with an advanced interactive visualization, which makes it easy to create a Self-service of any reports and analysis.
BOARD provides a completely integrated product, both at a functional level and technologically, in which information from different sources is placed in a database shared by the entire organization, providing business users with a customized but unitary vision.
A product that can guarantee organizations to control their entire Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management using a single interface, a single application construction environment, a single technology and then a single and unique know-how.

Why choose BOARD?

In contrast to the main competitors grown through acquisitions, BOARD is the result of an organic development project that since 1994 has led to the creation of a platform for Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management fully integrated and adherent to the most innovative technological standards.
This is why BOARD's superiority becomes obvious when you compare it with the competition.

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