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By integrating Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management in a single product, BOARD helps companies manage and control the entire decision-making process: from data collection to information analysis; from goal-setting to decisionmaking; from operational execution to results monitoring. Along with delivering an unmatched speed in building applications the innovative “toolkit approach” provides an intuitive self-service analysis environment bringing the benefits of Business Intelligence and Performance Management to every user.



Within a single product BOARD offers all the functionalities needed to build any Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management application, without the need for any programming.

Its revolutionary toolkit approach, as well as delivering unrivalled speed in BI and CPM application building, customisation and maintenance, provides end-users with an advanced interactive interface.

This unique capability turns the self-service creation of any report or analysis into the simplest of tasks.

BOARD provides all of the tools required to create and update databases, data presentations, analyses and process models, in a single visual and interactive environment, making it easy for business users to quickly build customized analytic, planning and simulation applications, which BOARD calls capsules.

“BOARD Capsules” are containers that can accommodate any BOARD object: reports, graphs, spreadsheets, folders, maps, point-and-click filters, gauges and navigation menus.

These objects can be positioned on the screen from the ribbon bar and populated with drag-and-drop measures and dimensions. They are immediately synchronized with each other and with the database so that they automatically react to users’ actions.

Behind the scene, a powerful rules engine allows users to easily model the underlying business logic.

All without the need for a single line of code.


BOARD Data Fast Track offers cutting-edge self-service data modelling capabilities: users can easily connect to any data source and instantly create “analysis-ready” data models.


BOARD offers a comprehensive set of data-aware objects that combine outstanding ease-of-use with advanced functionalities that empower users to easily build not only simple visualizations, but also extremely sophisticated analyses and dashboards.


A powerful set of business rules allows you to work on objects, data and workflow to model all typical business processes, such as multi-dimensional data entry, calculation, allocation, the consolidation needed to turn your point analyses into sophisticated performance management applications.


Unlike most Business Intelligence and Performance Management products, BOARD provides a single environment for building and running applications, empowering users to instantly verify their outcomes and easily adjust any application whilst building it. Get you application up and running with one simple click.

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