All-in-one decision-making platform

Board is a software product that integrates the Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management application functions into a single platform to guarantee maximum efficiency to the organizations' decision-making process.

A complate set of functionalities for Business Inteligence, from reporting to data discovery, from multidimensional amalysis to dashboarding, with Board you can manage all managing process and performance checking: from forecasting to strategic formulation; from planning to Budgeting; from profitability analysis to budget consolidation.

Its features include:

  1. Business intelligence;
  2. Performance Management;
  3. Advanced Analytics.

Performance Management

Link the information and knowledge obtained with Business Intelligence to the planning and control cycles of the entire organization.

Easily implement planning and budgeting solutions, profitability analysis and scorecards to effectively align business performance with strategic goals.



Business Intelligence

 Explore your data, make efficient analysis, create interactive dashboards and brilliant reports. Combine the fuctionalities of self-service analysis with the control and managing of comapany datas.

Advanced Analytics

BOARD offers a fully integrated product both at a functional and technological level in which information from different sources is inserted into a data base shared by the entire organization, providing business users with a personalized but unitary vision.
A product capable of guaranteeing organizations the full coverage of the Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management area using a single interface, a single application construction environment, a single technology and therefore a single know-how.


Unlike the main competitors that have grown due to acquisitions, BOARD is the result of an organic development project that from 1994 to today has led to the creation of a fully integrated Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management platform that adheres to the most innovative technological standards.
This is why the superiority of BOARD becomes evident when compared to other products.