Industry module combinations are available to provide you a customized CRM that better suits your needs and your sector. Purchasing CAS IT Services & CAS Engineering you benefit of CAS genesisWorld Premium version, Helpdesk and Project modules, as well as Timeclient Online and Report Client.

Helpdesk module improves assistance performance and facilitates the work, allowing to detect quickly the support requests. Indeed it allows to point out which product customer uses, the elapsed and necessary time (to check assistance costs) as well as elaborate trouble-tickets to evaluate customer support that has to be offered.

Project module integrates project management with resources and structure planning, ensuring an optimized elaboration from the point of view of time and costs. An overview can be provided by tree-view, configurable through internal Gantt chart. With Project module you can visualize the load and the availability of the planned resources; moreover charges, travel costs and the esternal performances are acquired at project and procedure level. In support of the control, you can create updated project reports and eleborations of costs and revenues for each project.

With Timeclient Online you simply check via Web the project and travel time, the daily expenditure and the cost evidences. All the information are combined with the right appointments, operations, projects and customers.


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Purchasing CAS Consulting & CAS Research you benefit of CAS genesisWorld Premium edition, Project and Report modules as well as Timeclient Online.

Report module offers Business Intelligence functions through flexible functionality of filter and grouping, that allow complex mutlidimensional elaborations. With Drill Down, the Reporting is performed till the field level. The visualization of single numeric field or linked record can be displayed as sum, minimum, maximum or average value.

Ad hoc analysis are provided through default or standard models. The results are available in classic RTF, Microsoft Excel® and PDF format. Moreover, thanks to export function, data can be elaborated in other system such as Microsoft Access® or Business Intelligence Tools, for example with Crystal Reports Designer. In this way it is possible visualize, extend and adapt elaborations. All reports can be visualized in the cockpit of the CRM software.