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CAS PIA is  suitable for the small enterpise because ensures maximum performance for satisfied customers, reducing the costs at the same time. CAS PIA makes possible planning and organizing the commitments and the tasks, writing e-Mail and working efficiently with other members of the entity. CAS PIA is a cloud solution for the contacts management; it daily supports the business and the sale activity. It allows the simple management of the appointments, the delegated tasks, the orders, and write email. It keeps you updated about the customer story. CAS PIA is a software that allows you to be 24 hours updated about information concerning the customer and to have complete and clear reports.

With CAS PIA you can organize appointments and tasks to coordinate the work and enhance the employee strength, setting priorities and checking overlap, keeping always track of any activities. It provides numerous functions, such as analysis and report creation, indispensable to identificate and exploit sale opportunities.

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CAS PIA support the planning and the implementation of advertising campaigns, the calculation of the sale probability and the decision time, within the efficieny parameters.

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Therefore the advantages for CAS PIA utilization are countless:

  • investing cost savings on hardware, infrastructures and maintenance;
  • efficiency increasing thanks to simple contacts management;
  • flexible access to information and adaptation to your company;
  • work efficiency thanks to focus on core company activities;
  • use of more advanced and safer Web technologies;
  • high quality performance levels thanks to team always updated and motivated;
  • support to the planning and the implementation of the campaigns.

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