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CAS teamWorks is a groupware application for company processes, communication and information. It is an intranet/extranet company solution, based on client/server architecture, where the data storage is central and every client in the network can access to information; for its structure, it is flexibly implementable in any organization. It is a default information portal for the Web 2.0 management of the information and the comunication among all your employees and collaborators. CAS teamWorks coordinates the storage, the information management and distribution, makes them accessible to employees within the structure.

CAS teamWorks allows an integrated processes management and the access to every information regarding customers and employees, their localization, the appointments, the know how, the project managers and various interlocutors and much more. CAS teamWorks architecture is based on the most advantaced technologies and is flexible and powerful. It supports a wide range of operative system, database management system and other components. With teamWorks it is possible to coordinate the management of information, both in terms of storing and entering data, of fruition and knowledge management. For that reason the information and its continuous adjournment acquire, within the company, a management function, useful to stimolate the ideas creation at every level of the organization and to take adequate decisions. CAS genesisWorld and CAS teamWorks integrate their functions to allow to save, read and modify documents in both applications, read and modify appointments, publish addresses for the contacts management and more other integrations.

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