CAS genesisWorld is the leader CRM software in the German market; it allows you to manage valuable relations with your customers. It is very widespread all around the world (more than 200,000 users), and satisfies needs of all SMEs and special sectors. It is a powerful and flexible software: It is provided with functional multiplicity and is customized with modules and extensions. It offers a wide range of innovative tools for an integrated management of company processes (not only commercial ones). With CAS genesisWorld companies finally reach the hoped profitability levels, thanks to their loyal customers.

The customer, during a very competitive situation among companies, needs increasing attention. CAS genesisWorld is the right solution to coordinate the actions and the efforts to satisfy the customer and his requirements. Indeed a satisfied customer is a vital element for the company profitability in the short and long term. All information related to the customer (the customer dossier contains all appointments, tasks, telephone memos, correspondence, sales opportunities, complaints, orders, delivery notes and projects) are saved in a unique central database, and is accessible to the employees, that can guarantee customer satisfaction and a high quality service that is fast and customized.

CAS genesisWorld allows to understand customer behavior, indicating you development opportunities through multi-dimensional and correlation analysis: the management has reliable, clear and timely reports, related to current campaigns and projects. Those functions are guaranteed not only in office, but also off-line through all current mobile device as Blackberry RIM, Apple iPhone & iPad, Android. CAS genesisWorld offers a wide range of tools as the Social Networks integration, On-Line surveys, e-Mail central system, ERP management integration, help-desk, inxmail integration, dashboards, automatic and chronological display dossier of the n-m relations among activities, report production & Business Intelligence, SAP Crystal Reports integration e much more, for a complete offer. The proposed versions (Standard Edition, Premium Edition, Suite) have useful features for all market sectors; they are integrable with additional modules. Indeed, with the new x6 version, CAS genesisWorld becomes even more intuitive through smart access, integrated with social networks and more mobile.

Why CAS genesisWorld?

CAS genesisWorld CRM is the solution to obtain success: excellent processes, motivated employees, loyal customers and increasing revenues! They are not only words: CAS CRM offers a huge range of flexible and adaptable functions. Indeed it supports all the processes linked to the distribution, marketing, customer assistance, administration, projects management, from the first contact with the customer till the after-sales service. The storage of the data related to the customers, suppliers and partners is central. The information is always updated and accessible to users through a default rights system. CAS genesisWorld is an innovative technology, based on modulate structure and modern Client-Server architecture. CAS is an award-winning company for its products with great experience: its CRM is the clearest example of the company quality. More information about CAS Software AG here


Download the CAS genesisWorld's brochure:

Version x7 (pdf - 3.655 Kb)

Overview of functions x7 (pdf - 1.803 Kb)

CAS genesisWorld - Sales Brochure and Implementation (pdf - 2.895 Kb)

Customer Centricity: for businesses with a great future (pdf - 3.499 Kb)

White Paper Mobile CRM (pdf - 2.312 Kb)

Mobile Solutions x5 (pdf -747 Kb)

Version x6 (pdf - 669 Kb)



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The use of CAS genesisWorld surely represents a competitive advantage for the company towards competitors; it guarantees:

1- software customization to the entity, and the integration with other applications, such as Microsoft Office and ERP;

2- the fruition and the access to information at every corporate level, thanks to the storage of data in a sole centralized database;

3- employees are always informed for a better focus on customer, through complete dossiers regarding the customer (appointments, tasks, telephone memos, correspondence, sales opportunities, complaints, orders, delivery notes and projects);

4- identification of opportunities and possible developments, thanks to the availability of the client’s profile updated and complete at any time, examined through multi-dimensional and correlation analysis;

5- the customization, the efficiency and the timeliness of the campaigns addressed to customers through the customer segmentation; the integration among categories allows to exploit every opportunity using cross-selling;

6- software acceptance by employees that, through a better work organization and management, is more motivated and efficient, providing efficient service to the customer;

7- successful project, thanks to their accurate planning and management: the efficiency and the efficacy, the time and costs measurement are all checked during the execution of the activities;

8- cost reduction, thanks to customer loyalty, that is more profitable than the new ones because the latter needs more resources to be reached.



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