What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a commercial strategy which has the goal to create durable and profitable relations with customers. Nowadays CRM is being introduced in every market and company sectors, and it is becoming more and more xRM – Anything Relationship Management.


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The information management is guaranteed and the company’s know-how is protected. A single addresses database, shared with specific authorizations, runs complete information about customers and relationship with them by e-Email, visits, phonecalls, letters, promotional campaign ... . CRM guarantees the sales control.


The CRM’s advantages:

As well as satisfied customer and employees, CRM creates durable relations able to guarantee your company the commercial success. With that simple formula, competitive advantages are now possible, opening at the same time to new markets and opportunities. Look at the advantages for your company with CRM:

You can network through data centralization:

-All dipartiments and employees are linked in a unique system;

-The office solutions, the materials management and the storage are integrated;

-Thanks to the direct access to the information it is possible a rapid and economic collaboration;

-You can create structured and automated working procedures, for higher efficiency;

-Your CRM software is flexibly adaptable, indipendently to workstation, office and national borders.

Advantageous use of the customer information:

-Chronological customer dossiers allow professional assistance to your customer;

-360° view over the customer: all the orders, the phonecalls, the contracts and the correspondence are visible with a clic;

-You can recognize potentials through customer profiles;

-Thanks to information about your customers you can develop in the right direction your products and services.

Simple distribution check:

-Check your marketing and distribution activities through target group;

-Having all inforation about your customer, it is possible make proposals at the right time;

-The orders are multiplied through specific Cross- & Up-Selling measures;

-Yuo can recognize potential sales opportunities and exploit them.

Motivated employees and better service:

-The employees are supported during the esecution of their own tasks;

-They can take right decisions and they are more competent, having important information;

-Motivated employees reflect that sensation for customer that are more satisfied.

Forward-looking activities management:

-With CRM you don’t lose control over ongoing projects on the basis of all company data;

-CRM allows you forward-looking resources and costs planning, such as time and costs detection of ongoing projects;

-Current elaborations and efficient controlling keep you always towards right direction;

-Professional customer management is a big advantage. A reason is surely the better organization of the commeercial processes, which allows you save valuable time.