New Version X10

CAS genesisWorld x10

Build your customer relationship management on a solid basis with CAS genesisWorld x10. CAS genesisWorld supports you in inspiring your customers and employees with new features, modules and assistants who think with you. Don't Trust our word, try the new functions for yourself.

The new search for Picasso-exceptionally brilliant

CAS genesisWorld x10

Pablo Picasso was famous for saying once: "I Do not seek, I find " and that is why the new search for Picasso takes its name from him. The Picasso Search is a new personal assistant that simplifies your daily activities, using AI algorithms that you think with you and knows what information is relevant to CRM users.

Based On individual data, the search for Picasso highlights appointments, documents, sales opportunities, selected activities and contacts and displays them in a convenient overview.

The Picasso Search provides useful additional information on various items like MyDay. This includes tips for opportunities, projects and much, much more.

CRM that I like: simple, flexible, individual

There are no two CRM systems alike. Individual requirements vary depending on the distribution, the activities and the users. To enable this, users can simply drag and drop their apps into groups and save the data they use most in their custom views.

Exceptional Design: Intelligent, customizable, intelligent

When using CAS genesisWorld x10 You will notice how easy it is to use and use. As a winner of the German Design Award 2018, SmartDesign® technology delivers an unmistakable user experience on all mobile devices. And thanks to a complete restyling of the Client Desktop, we were able to significantly improve the clarity and consistency of the display. Focusing on what is important, we have improved the intuitive operation of the software, which also helps to simplify daily tasks.

Save Time by configuring offers

CAS genesisWorld x10

On the new CPQ module (Configure Price Quote) CAS genesisWorld now has its own offer configurator. Bids can then be calculated intuitively and quickly. Bids can now be created directly in the opportunity and can include: articles, descriptions of alternative products and variable total prices.

Clearer Rating and rating

CAS genesisWorld x10

With the Advanced Report form, you can create aggregated key figures, providing new information about customer and business needs. New Drilldown features now also allow for detailed evaluation options in the Web Client. In the Web Client, the information is available at a glance even as it descends to every single element. And using xRM e-mails you can immediately send the results to your respective colleagues in the form of dynamic reports.

 CRM e automazione del marketing

With the integration of the Marketing Automation tool Evalanche in CAS genesisWorld x10, companies can design communications with customers in a more consistent manner with greater customer focus. And new contacts can be pre-qualified in Evalanche and developed into sales-relevant leads using specific marketing measures in the sense of lead feed. In this way, stakeholders receive exactly the information they need, which are tailored to them-such as invitations, training offers or personal advisory services. This integration will be available from autumn 2018.

  New Freedom: Limitless Mobility

CAS genesisWorld x10

The CAS SmartDesign® technology ensures a consistent look on all mobile devices. This allows you to use all the functions while it is floating, regardless of the device you are using.

 Main Features of the mobile functions:

 Extended offline Functionalities that include access to data records and attachments

 Modification of archival documents

 Mobile Projects and time recording  Simultaneous Loading of several photos

 Mobile Signatures and Digital

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