A new beginning

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In the New World, contact is everything and we do much more: We work with a new world, We and the team. It Is always necessary to consider the resources and their freedom. CAS SmartWe is the first platform for enterprise software that has been developed specifically for we that are all over the world. The World never stops, but it runs continuously-so we will continue to evolve with you and many other CAS SmartWe partners. CAS SmartWe connects people and businesses and promotes their growth.

The name says it all

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We-we are people. We employees as customers, we are partners of a company. We Succeed together. We--we win by working together. We are Intelligent, agile, elastic, future-oriented and willing to live. We like to grow, we develop our potentials, we are curious and we design our lives and our businesses.

CAS SmartWe stands for ' Us ', which can be customized quickly. Surviving in digital change is not the biggest challenge, but companies need to adapt to the customer constantly to their needs in a faster way

  Anywhere Anytime

Become independent of software-stay free. CAS SmartWe leaves you behind the wheel. You choose whether to get the software in secure cloud in Germany or in hosting in your own data center. All data can be exported at any time-you can edit-even with other software

 Ready for Customer Centricity Designed to have the customer at the center

The Philosophy of centrality: to build and design constantly on the customer experience. A vision and an excellent functioning are the basis for developing a product at the center for the customer. A software solution that optimally supports the centrality of the customer, provides high personalization and a historicity of the information. CAS SmartWe supports people and businesses centrally.

Are standard applications not enough? You can leave comments to recommend improvements. For example, the tracking of visits and forwarding. Everything is very simple, simply updating the software.

The CAS SmartWe Ecosystem your individual solution

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Each person is unique. Every Company is unique. For this reason, CAS SmartWe is based on a broad ecosystem of partners that develop applications for each sector, every company and for every business role. And you can locate them in the future in the CAS SmartWe App World. Of course, you can also develop a special CAS SmartWeApp individually for you and your business. .

 Smart Wizard: Unique Support for you

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Why think of everything on your own? Why all alone? Why work unnecessarily? Let Yourself be supported by the SmartWe CAS Guide. The Address Wizard quickly handles all addresses. The Mailing wizard makes sending emails a breeze. The Report Wizard alerts you to risks and opportunities. The Clever CAS SmartSearch Assistant not only thinks but thinks ahead.


  A technology with a great Innovative and safe future

CAS SmartWe is based on the excellent, modern software architecture of CAS SmartDesign®. Developed for use in the Cloud, and is an extremely flexible platform with no costly third-party licenses. Developed in the standard Java language. The user experience in the browser and on mobile devices is exceptional – charming easy, fast and absolutely consistent. On mobile platforms, the possibilities are endless and the mobile client can be easily configured. Many of our computer engineers have studied at the International University of Informatics in Karlsruhe or have a PhD in computer science. We Maintain a close contact with the most important scientists and we support every year from 30 to 50 Thesis and Master's thesis. The sleek, transparent and flexible software architecture provides a potential and inexhaustible future for your success.

 Proven Data Security Our Promise

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We Take the security of your data very seriously. The Trademark «Software Hosting in Germany» Guarantees the reliability of the data processing. Access to information is protected by several levels as you have established. The SmartWe CAS identifies 2 phases: the SmartWe protected CAS Access notification and immediately recognizes any abuses. The symbol is the historic Schloss Morstein Castle that radiates great security for over 750 years. We invite You to Schloss Morstein Castle at a seminar of entrepreneurs CAS SmartWe in CAS of SmartWe Academy.


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