Blackbirds Infotech srl is a software company that distributes the CRM/xRM (Customer Relationship Management/anything Relationship Management) "genesisWorld", all over Italy and developed for more than thirty years by the German company CAS Software AG.

This product is integrated with software ERP (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Infor etc.) and eCommerce and Content Management System (like Typo3) and towards web services with protocol such as REST & SOAP.

Also included are integrated product configurator systems that helps us to increase the "nervous system" of our customers to improve their level of service and more quality opportunity of sales .

For this solution, we provide consulting services, installation, maintenance and software support of the 1st and 2nd level.

For this reason we also specialize in modern application systems and processes of marketing automation and lead generation, working with Platforms that are leaders and are suited to the needs of the type of customer that we love to help: Italian SME's.

We want to dedicate our efforts and put systems of Performance Management and Business Intelligence Report Management (SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Reporting) to enable you to control the direction of your business, and correct the course in time if it is not directed towards "safe havens"!

We also partner with Microsoft for the business line related to the ERP software Dynamics AX management and systems solutions, and Cloud. Furthermore Blackbirds also specializes in the sale of generic systems Hardware, Software, Printers Multifunction with resale contracts and authorized service.



It was born in 2001 inspired by nature. The Blackbirds are migratory birds which fly across the world every year, from Asia to Europe. Despite the fatigue, the Blackbirds, never lose their will and determination to stay in ordered flocks for miles and miles, together with their musical chirp!

Blackbirds Infotech is:

- Certified Partner  of German company CAS AG Software

- Partner program Microsoft

- Microsoft Cloud partner  Essential level

- Registered partner Dynamics AX (certification ongoing)

- Licensed distributor of DEVELOP printing  (Konica Minolta group)


Helping our clients understand the "consumerization of IT", such as the use and style of technology in the workplace that affects private use, this represents our organizational challenge to meet the needs of all within the 'eco-system of the customer relationship. Making small and medium-sized companies more competitive in the business processes, the management of orders and after sales. Our goal is to make the organizational processes "smart".


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